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I give a brief synopsis of my life in my MEREDITH tab because I believe knowing a person and their heart is the most important factor when conveying a platform in which you are to make a decision based off of. This importance of the understanding of a person's WHO and their WHY is followed closely by an importance in knowing their WHERE and their WHAT: where they have been and what they have learned.

In 7 years of service to Anderson County as a member of the Fiscal Court as 4th District Magistrate, I believe my experiences speak loudly. My commitment to service has been steadfast, my efforts for change have been diligent, and my prioritization of personal relationships has been intentional.

Below you will find highlights from my time in office. Please know that while I am proud of the things I've accomplished, there is still so much work to be done.


  • 7 years on Transportation Standing Committee

  • 4 years on Animal Control Standing Committee

  • 3 years on Budget Standing Committee

  • Instrumental in foundation of and 1 year on Policy & Procedure Committee

  • Special Committees regarding Park Contracts, Economic Development, and Tourism 

  • 2015 Hiring Committee for Tourism Director

  • Activitely assist in grant writing for Ordinance Codification, Park, and Jail in collaboration with department heads


  • Attended conferences for NaCO, KaCo, KMCA, and DLG along with special training courses and conferences offered throughout each year that are standalone

  • Active participant in the Public Officials Training Program through the Department of Local Government

    • Completed the 40-hour training program 6 of the 7 years I have been in local government; only year I did not complete the full program was due to health issues and a family loss

  • ​​Only local government official in Anderson County history to attend the National Association of Counties Conference AND NACo Professional Leadership Academy

    • This participation has allowed networking with County Officials across the Nation to broaden my knowledge of local government and bring that back to share with Anderson County


  • Spearheaded conversation that would change the way road funding is handled​​​

    • 7 years ago roads were on a rotating basis where one magistrate/district could select one road in their district to receive discretionary funds

      • As a member of the Road Committee and the Magistrate who was to select their worst road for the year my first year in office​, I began discussions to change our process into one that looks at all funds and all roads to better manage our infrastructure and budgeting both locally and from State funds to ensure we cover the most roads on a yearly basis

    • Maximized ​amount of money that could be requested through state funding

    • Road Committee changed their process; currently, each Magistrate submits 5 roads for rating and committee determination on how to maximize funds, resulting in less money left on the table each year

    • Since 2015, the Fiscal Court has been able to resurface over 100 miles of county roads due to these changes

  • Encouraged that each Fiscal Court member be given a copy of the Administrative Code​

    • KRS states annual review of the Administrative Code ​is a requirement, and one we have not been in compliance with since at least the time I took office in 2015; when I became aware of this area of lacking, I brought it to the Court's attention as well as made great public efforts to educate and pushed that we begin an annual review cycle immediately

    • This is where the Policy & Procedure Standing Committee was formed from as a way to ensure that the proper use, updating, and education of these documents are being upheld as required

  • Pushed for Planning & Zoning Manuals and Comprehensive Plan distribution​

    • These tools are a guide for the Fiscal Court as well as other Boards and Commissions and is used by these entities in their decision making processes for our community

    • The policies and guidelines described within these documents are so important and require regular reviews and updates to ensure we are in compliance with state law and our local Administrative Code as well as ensuring all parties are trained properly in the use of these resources


  • Instrumental in pushing to get more information onto our county's website

    • Orchestrated conversations that led to capable individuals overseeing the updating of and additions to the county website​

  • Pushed to get ordinances codified and put online for community access

    • In the age of technology, it has been my belief that accessibility of information by our constituents  is of the utmost importance and necessity for them to remain informed and adequately served

  • Encouraged use of social media, namely Facebook​, to relay information regarding county issues, activities, and happenings to constituents more efficiently ​

    • I have used my personal Magistrate page as a channel for communicating these things and more to my constituents​ consistently since the time I took office in 2015


  • Introduced the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular to the Fiscal Court in 2019 as a way to involve businesses and community organizations while also helping decorate Main Street and the Courthouse for Halloween

  • Orchestrated conversations between the Fiscal Court and Anderson County High School Students through their participation in the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program for the implementation of the Hammonds Creek Dog Park at the County Park

    • Student planning with City and County funding has resulted in an exciting addition to the community, and will allow many to enjoy for years to come


  • Small business owner for over 25 years - Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts

    • I am proud of my business for many reasons, one of the largest being the contributions I've been able to make to my community through my specialization in the performing arts​

    • Local events and activities: Boots and Bourbon Nashville Songwriters Festival, Lawrenceburg Children's Choir, and Lawrenceburg Children's Theater

      • ​​​These events not only draw in attendees and participants from other communities and even states, they promote both directly and indirectly the utilization of local businesses, bringing tourism dollars to Anderson County

    • Lawrenceburg Children's Choir has performed for numerous events: the 2017 groundbreaking for the Anderson County Public Library expansion, festivities for Light Up Lawrenceburg since its implementation, Sand Spring Christmas Homecoming, performed in the Capital Rotunda, special entertainment for Kings Island Performance in the Park Day, special entertainment for Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, and numerous local church performances by the choir and private students

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