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Moving Anderson County Forward

Any political candidate should come backed by a platform: a foundation on which to prompt discussion and form a plan to begin moving forward upon their election. I have made it my priority to think intently on the premise of my campaign by considering the reasons I decided to run for office in the first place. I have dutifully served this community in my role as 4th District Magistrate for 7 years and I believe we should be further along than we are now. Moving Anderson County forward is my priority and I have summarized my plans for accomplishing that into 3 main objectives: Transparency & Education, Long-Range Community Planning, and County Government Operations.


Transparency & Education

It is my belief that miscommunication and misinformation stem from a lack of education. And it’s unfair to expect communication lines to remain clear if we as a government aren’t doing our due diligence to ensure our citizens have easy and ready access to those resources that give structure to our government. And that education begins with transparency as to issues we are currently facing or that we have the potential to encounter as well as the reasoning behind disagreements when seeking solutions. Along with the education and transparency we provide to our citizens, I believe we as county officials should be doing our part to ensure our education extends beyond the walls of a committee or court meeting. This aspect of my platform is two-fold, but this is where the change begins!

  • Better use of technology through social media and the county website to educate the citizens of Anderson County on all processes, requirements, applications, etc. that may be relevant to their day-to-day 

  • Ensuring all ordinances are available online for easy review by citizens at any time

  • Creation of Town Halls in order to provide intentional access for community members to meet with their magistrate and other public officials, ask questions, and provide insight and/or concerns

  • Newsletters to keep the public up to speed regarding the business of the county

  • Training programs for all departments, boards, and commissions; ensuring all of the tools accessible are understood and being utilized to their full potential

  • Partnering with our school leadership to provide civic education, relay the function of local government, and the jobs available within

Long-Range Community Planning

In order for a community to truly thrive long-term, it is my belief that emphasis should be placed on developing a guide for current and future leaders alike to use as the driving force for goal setting and action-taking. This guide isn’t one to be set in stone, rather it is detailed enough to follow but flexible enough for adjustments to be made as needed. In my tenure on the Fiscal Court, we have not emphasized cohesiveness within our decision-making. When good changes are made, we are not asking ourselves how those changes can impact the next change or the one after that. We need to be working across departments to think futuristically and begin paving the way for an Anderson County that exceeds all our expectations long after our time here. 

  • Finding and writing yearly grants through the Department of Local Government, Bluegrass ADD, and other entities that provide opportunities to obtain funding

  • Developing a plan for long-term park development (currently there is none)

  • Beautification projects in order to plan and plant for future growth in our parks landscaping

  • Facilities management and program creation to sustain growth objectives

  • Develop parks programming for all ages, some of which that could help fund future projects

  • Establish community partnerships to foster relationships and support local

  • Develop building projects with community input alongside feasibility studies

  • Ordinance reviews to make sure the laws in our books remain current and relevant to our county’s need

    •  Zoning issues for better long-term development of businesses and industry

    •  Tourism support and development

  • Anderson County Ambassadors; create a program that emphasizes volunteer contributions to the community through the expansion of future projects, planning, and other endeavors


County Government Operations

In order to plan long-term, we first need to get back to the basics. There are aspects of our county’s operations that need to be looked at and expanded upon. This is where my emphasis on cross-department collaborations as well as overall transparency and education factor in. As multiple parts to a whole who are working towards the same goal, the players in our county government should be able to talk openly with one another about the areas we are lacking in as well as what we need from one another to be most successful. Analyzing, interpreting, and communicating Kentucky Revised Statutes and other relevant manuals and guides is where I excel and where I believe this step towards change begins.

  • Update internal Administrative Code that has not been maintained

  • Reinstate Work Sessions for better communication between the court and community; discussion opportunities for items the community is bringing to the attention of their representative(s)

  • Working with departments in their entirety, bringing more than just department heads to the table for conversation

  • Implement staff roundups; create camaraderie with employees county-wide through staff appreciation and morale boosters

  • Create monthly round table discussions with key government/community leadership to promote uniformity and better communication regarding how we can better work together to achieve common goals for the county as a whole

  • Personnel and pay issues to be reviewed on a regular basis; salary deficiencies shouldn’t be addressed only when they become major issues

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